Tuesday, November 10, 2009

1st Concordia Pops Performance

A few weeks ago I joined a Pops Orchestra as a second first clarinet. The repertoire is a mix of light classics and more popular pieces. My favourite is The Moldau by Smetana. I've loved this piece since having to study it in high school music class. The version we played has tricky fingering in places but actually sounds similar to the full 12 minute version I have by who knows what orchestra. We also played his Polka from The Bartered Bride. Ok piece, but the way I play it is certainly schlocky (ditto for the Andante and Allegro from one of Mozart's Sonatinas-my fingers haven't caught up to the brain seeing the notes yet in the allegro part). Granted I've only had the music for about 3 weeks, but more practicing is definitely necessary.

Thankfully tonight we left out Sophisticated Ladies, which is a medley of tunes by Duke Ellington. There was no drummer and as our conductor put it, "the only way this piece will swing would be on the end of a rope".

So here's to a week involving more practice time before our second performance next week.

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