Saturday, December 25, 2010

Yuletide Celebration Part 4: Aftershocks

After getting back to the hotel after the evening show I went on the computer and downloaded the pictures I'd taken.  They turned out pretty well, as you've seen samples of so far.  I also checked out the ISO blog thinking that maybe I'd post my first Yuletide memory for the contest which I thought ended at midnight Dec. 4.  Turns out it ended 5 pm Dec. 3.  But I figured what the heck, I'd submit a short post anyway, more to say "Thanks for a great show" than to really enter the contest.  The results of my post can be found here.

I didn't think much more about it.  I left Indy the next day after the matinee and a day later, after changing routes home because of the snow forecast, arrived home.  Unpacking my computer, I noticed a new ISO blog post announcing the winner of the contest - the post was my first choice as well, "Yuletide Quarrels Being Won by a Child".  But Jessica Di Santo (Communications Director who was in charge of picking the winning selection) had also listed several honourable mentions.  I completely missed it the first time I scanned the list, then actually read what she'd written.  My post was listed!  I think my jaw literally dropped.  I must have re-read the post about 10 times to make sure that even with a typo in my name, the link was to my post, all the details fit, and it really was me she was talking about.

The honourable mention prize was a Yuletide Celebration poster autographed by none other than Jack Everly and Sandi Patty!  In my opinion this is was better than first prize :)  I received an email from Jessica the next day which confirmed my post was selected and she mailed the poster on Dec. 8.

I've been anxiously checking the mail every day since then.  Alas, 2 weeks later it still hadn't arrived and I gave up hope of it coming in time for Christmas.

Last night after returning home from visiting friends, I was handed a gift to open.  I was tired and unless it was new pajamas I wasn't all that interested in opening anything until the morning.  It was a long package, definitely not pajamas, and kind of tube like.  I pulled off some of the paper and noticed a mailing type barcode sticker, and then an address label with the ISO logo at the top!  All drowsiness quickly disappeared, and I extracted the tube from the wrapping and then the poster from the tube.  It had arrived Christmas Eve day when I was at work.

You know ISO mailings have this ability to come at the ultimate times.  The Yuletide Celebration CD I received last year arrived Dec. 1, just in time to kick off my official Christmas music listening season.  And now, the poster arrives in the nick of time for Christmas Day.  Amazing!
Thanks again to everyone at the ISO and I am now exclaiming as I sign-off out of sight "Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!"

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